Funeral Service in Westchester

Westchester Funeral Service

There are many ways that you can plan an affordable funeral service. Work with a funeral provider to plan a low-cost funeral service by choosing a funeral service package for at-time funeral services. Pre-planning your funeral with a funeral company is another way to decrease your funeral cost. Contact the funeral home in Westchester for a consultation.

How to Arrange Funeral Services

Funeral companies make it easy to arrange funeral services by offering different packages for Westchester funerals. A local funeral service near Westchester traditionally follows a specific plan; however, funeral providers offer less traditional options, too.

A coordinator at the funeral home in Westchester will help you with making funeral arrangements. Local funeral service typically includes a visitation service at the funeral home, a funeral ceremony, a funeral procession, and burial services. Some people choose to add a gathering with a reception following the burial services.

Alternate Options for a Westchester Funeral

If traditional services are not wanted then funeral service providers may suggest a few alternative options. Holding a memorial service, graveside service, or home funeral are just some of the options that you can arrange for the Westchester funeral.

Memorial Service

One option for a less traditional service is to have a memorial service at the Westchester funeral home. A memorial service is similar to a funeral ceremony, but the body of the deceased is not present and there is no arranged visitation if a memorial service is selected over traditional services.

Graveside Service

Another service that may be planned in lieu of traditional services is a simple graveside ceremony preceding the Westchester burial service. The best thing about working with a Westchester funeral company is that they will help you with arrangements for local funeral services near you that fit your exact needs. A funeral in Westchester can be as extravagant or as simple as you choose.

Home Wakes & Home Funerals

Funerals were not always held at local funeral homes, they used to take place at the home of a person related to the deceased. The funeral home in Westchester can help you if you want to arrange a home wake or home funeral instead of traditional funeral home service.

A home wake is similar to the visitation service that is commonly part of traditional funeral services. This allows the family of the deceased to receive visitors in their home instead of at the Westchester funeral home. Then the funeral ceremony can take place in the home, too. These services are often more intimate and provide the family with a sense of comfort.

For a home wake or home, funeral to take place the funeral director and support staff will ensure that there is space in the home for the casket. They will also measure the entryway to make sure that the casket can fit through the door. When the services are over the funeral service provider will arrange for the transportation of the casket to the cemetery for burial services.

How Much is a Funeral in Westchester

Funeral expenses vary based on a few decisions that you make when planning the funeral. The service package that you choose, the casket cost, the burial plot cost, and the headstone cost all play a part in the funeral pricing. A representative with a funeral home in Westchester can help you make decisions for a cheap funeral.

A traditional funeral service package can be selected for about $5,000. The casket that you choose can cost anywhere from $1,000 to $4,000. When the other funeral expenses are added with the cost of the package and the cost of the casket, the entire funeral will typically cost around $11,000, or more.

Pre-Planning Your Westchester Funeral

One thing that you can do if you are not making at-time funeral plans is to preplan your funeral. When you pre-plan your funeral you will not only save money on the funeral cost, but your family will benefit, too.

When you work with a funeral coordinator to preplan your funeral you are essentially making a directive, or plan, that lets your family know exactly what you want your final arrangements to be like after your death. Once the plan has been set you will pay for the services in advance of needing them. This decreases the total cost because you will receive the current funeral pricing rather than the pricing that is available at the time of your passing. You will also avoid inflation costs, too.

Your family will benefit from having a preplanned directive. Not only will they know exactly what your final wishes are, but they will not have to make any difficult decisions at the time of your passing. Your family will be able to grieve while knowing that your exact wishes will be followed.

Why Select Douglass Mortuary for a Funeral in Westchester

You should select Douglass Mortuary for funeral services in Westchester. They have provided funeral services, cremation services, and pre-planning services to the community for over eighty years. You will get professional and compassionate help with making funeral arrangements.