Funeral Service in Manhattan Beach

Manhattan Beach Funeral Service

If you are overwhelmed at the thought of making funeral arrangements then you need to find a funeral service provider that offers local funeral services near Manhattan Beach. The funeral provider will help you understand funeral pricing and teach you about the traditional funeral service elements. They can even help with pre-planning your funeral.

Creating an Affordable Funeral Service

It is absolutely possible to arrange funeral services for a low-cost funeral with the help of your funeral company. A coordinator with the funeral home in Manhattan Beach will show you various package options. It is important to choose a package that fits your needs so that you can have a cheap funeral.

In addition to the package that details the funeral service, you will have to account for the casket cost, burial plot cost, and cost of the headstone when adding up the funeral expenses. Additionally, the total funeral cost will increase if any funeral merchandise, like printed materials, is purchased.

So, how much is a funeral with a Manhattan Beach burial service? The total cost of a Manhattan Beach funeral, including burial service, is estimated to start at $11,000 and go up in price depending on any additional services requested at planning.

Elements of a Traditional Funeral

Funeral companies can help you plan local funeral services near you. This includes traditional ceremonies that take place at the funeral home as well as lesser-known ceremonies, too.

The services that will be recommended by the funeral home in Manhattan Beach include five different elements. A traditional funeral in Manhattan Beach will have visitation with an open casket, the funeral ceremony, a funeral procession, the burial service, and a gathering.

Non-Traditional Funeral Plans

There are times when a family chooses to deviate from a traditional funeral plan or wants a non-traditional funeral plan. Thankfully, the Manhattan Beach funeral provider can help make these arrangements, too.

Memorial services are often planned in place of traditional funeral services. These services are typically shorter than when all of the five elements of a traditional service are carried out. The biggest difference between a memorial service and a traditional funeral service is that the body of the deceased is not present during a memorial service.

It may be preferred to hold memorial services instead of traditional services if a family does not want to have a visitation service or prefers not to have an open casket. It can also be helpful if the services need to be delayed for some reason.

Another way to arrange funeral services is to have a limited funeral service plan. This allows the family to choose only those traditional elements that they want. Then the services that they do not want to hold can be eliminated.

Benefits of Pre-Planning Manhattan Beach Funerals

If you are thinking about pre-planning your funeral then you should speak with a funeral coordinator at the funeral home in Manhattan Beach. They can help you understand your service options and help you make a directive that includes everything that you want for your final arrangements.

Pre-planning your Manhattan Beach funeral has several financial benefits. When you make arrangements prior to your death you are able to pay the current funeral pricing rates for services that will take place in the future. This allows you to avoid any increase in funeral costs from the time you pay to the time the service is carried out.

In addition to getting the best prices for your services, you will avoid the potential inflation costs that will occur over time. Once your services are paid for your family will not have to make any payments and they will not be responsible for any additional charges at the time of your death.

Not only is pre-planning your funeral financially beneficial, but your family will benefit emotionally, too. At the time of your death, your family will not have to worry about making arrangements or wonder if the decisions that they make are what you would have wanted. They will have a directive, a plan, of your exact wishes which will allow them to grieve and mourn without the burden of making funeral arrangements for you.

Why Pick Douglass Mortuary for a Funeral in Manhattan Beach

When you are looking for a local funeral service provider you should pick Douglass Mortuary. They have been in business for over eighty years in the Manhattan Beach community. In addition to helping you plan a Manhattan Beach funeral, they can assist you if you are looking into cremation services or need pre-planning services.

A funeral director and support staff will be available to help answer your questions and oversee the funeral services. Their highly trained staff is compassionate and professional. Contact Douglass Mortuary to set up a consultation at their Manhattan Beach funeral home.