Cremation in Lawndale

Lawndale Cremation

It can be difficult when you need to plan a Lawndale cremation service after one of your loved family members passes away. Cremation service providers know that it can be emotionally painful and financially draining when you are making cremation arrangements. Thankfully, cremation companies have created affordable cremation service plans that can help you plan at-time cremation services as well as make plans when pre-planning your cremation service, too.

Cremation Pricing

Local cremation service costs depend on the services that you choose during the consultation. If you need to plan a cheap cremation, ask the coordinator for a current price list. The cremation pricing can help you make decisions about the services you want.

The cremation company that you work with will be transparent about cremation pricing. This means that you will know what each service costs at the time of planning. They will also offer low-cost cremation packages. Cremation packages can include remembrance services as well as the cremation service in Lawndale.

Pre-Planning Cremation Services

You will benefit in many ways when you make your Lawndale cremation arrangements in advance. The cremation company will work with you to make a directive that lays out a plan for cremation services near Lawndale at the time of your death. By making your final wishes known, you will relieve your family of any emotional burdens that they would experience if your wishes were unknown.

There are also financial benefits, too. When you prepay for your cremation in advance, you will lock in service prices at the current rate. The pricing will not increase over time, you will avoid rising inflation costs, and your family will not be responsible for payment of the services at the time of your death.

Cremation Service Types

Local cremation near you can be arranged with or without remembrance services. There is more than one remembrance service to choose from.

Direct Cremation Services

It is possible for the cremation provider to deliver direct cremation services. These are cremation services that are not accompanied by any remembrance services. The Lawndale crematory will complete the cremation services. Direct cremations are unattended and unscheduled.

The crematory is able to schedule a private cremation to be attended by close family if needed. When this is requested, the attendees can witness the insertion of the cremation container into the chamber. Direct cremation in Lawndale takes place at the local crematorium.

Once the complete cremation services are over, the crematory staff will collect the cremated remains to return them to the cremation company. From there, the family may choose to place the remains in a permanent cremation urn or arrange final disposition services.

Traditional Cremation with Remembrance Services

Remembrance services can be arranged before the cremation, after the cremation, or both. Traditional cremation services include simple cremation as well as assistance from the funeral director and staff for the remembrance services.

Types of Remembrance Services

In addition to the local cremation service, several different remembrance services are available. There are two common services that the cremation coordinator may suggest during the consultation. The first is to have traditional remembrance services. The second is to have a memorial service. These two services are similar, but there is one major difference. During traditional services, the body of the deceased is present whereas it is not present during a memorial service.

Traditional Ceremony

Most people are familiar with traditional funeral services. This is when there is a time for visitation, a funeral ceremony, and burial services. It is possible to have a traditional ceremony that ends in cremation, too. The difference between a traditional funeral and traditional cremation is how the final disposition is arranged.

Before the visitation services take place, the mortuary will prepare the body of the deceased for the viewing service. This includes embalming, dressing, applying cosmetics, and arranging the deceased in a casket. The casket is available for rent since it will not be needed after the remembrance services.

After the visitation, there will be a ceremony with a eulogy. The speaker will talk about the life of the deceased in a way that helps the attendees remember all of their accomplishments and contributions. Following the ceremony, the cremation will be arranged and then the final disposition can be taken care of.

Memorial Service

A memorial service can be planned if traditional services, including the viewing service, are not wanted. The memorial service will also have a ceremony where a speaker gives a eulogy that pays respect to the deceased and remembers their life.

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