Funeral Service in Lawndale

Lawndale Funeral Service

It doesn’t have to be difficult when you are making funeral arrangements for a local funeral service near Lawndale. You can work with a funeral service provider to get help with planning affordable funeral services. The funeral company can also help you with pre-planning your funeral in Lawndale.

When you work with a local funeral provider you are more likely to benefit from their expertise and plan low-cost funeral services and burial services. Many funeral companies offer less traditional choices for Lawndale funerals, too.

How Much is a Funeral Service in Lawndale

To figure out the funeral cost estimate you will have to add together the many components of a funeral service. The funeral company must be transparent with their funeral pricing and will make sure that you have a price list for the services offered by their funeral home in Lawndale.

A cheap funeral will cost about $11,000 in California. Basic funeral expenses might include:

  • Assistance from the funeral director and Lawndale funeral home staff
  • Local transportation services
  • Embalming and cosmetic services
  • Headstone, grave plot, and casket cost
  • Use of the chapel and funeral home in Lawndale
  • Visitation, funeral ceremony, and Lawndale burial services

Items not included in the basic funeral expense estimate that will increase the total amount you pay for the funeral are:

  • Printed materials
  • Musician or instrumentalist fees
  • Keepsakes
  • Dove release
  • Flower arrangements
  • Food costs for the reception

You will work with a funeral coordinator when you arrange funeral services at the funeral home in Lawndale. They will help you with your special requests. Recommendations of a preferred vendor will be made for any services that are not provided by the funeral home.

Pre-Planning Your Funeral in Lawndale

Pre-planning your funeral in Lawndale has many benefits. The funeral service provider will walk you through the decision-making process to plan your Lawndale funeral. Then, you will prepay for the services chosen, make a funeral directive that outlines your wishes, and take any emotional burden off of your family.

Benefits of Prepaying for Funeral Services

When you make the funeral directive with your chosen services, you will prepay for your funeral. This will save you money because you will get funeral services in the future at the current market rate. You will not only save on the total costs by prepaying for your Lawndale funeral service, but you will also ensure that your family is not responsible for any of the funeral costs at the time of your death.

Help Making Your Final Wishes Known

It is beneficial to have a funeral directive because the funeral service provider and your family will be aware of your final wishes. The services that you selected will take place and any arrangements that you did not want will not happen. It is very helpful to your family to have your wishes known so they do not have to guess what you would have wanted.

Relieve Emotional Burdens on Family Members

By making your funeral arrangements prior to your death you will not only have the reassurance that everything is taken care of, but you will know that you have taken some of the emotional stress off of the family you leave behind. When you pass, your family members will not have to make any final decisions and will be able to grieve. It is very beneficial to your loved ones to have funeral services pre-planned and prepaid for.

Douglass Mortuary for a Funeral in Lawndale is the Preferred Funeral Service Provider

The preferred funeral service provider in Lawndale is Douglass Mortuary. They have served the community for over three generations for more than eighty years. The highly trained staff is able to answer your questions with compassion and will provide you with dignified funeral services.

Douglass Mortuary doesn’t just provide funeral services. They also provide pre-planning services and cremation services. Their services are arranged in their inviting and comforting funeral home. You can get a funeral planning consultation with one of their professional coordinators to set up the specific services that you have in mind.

FAQs: Local Funeral Services Near You

You may have many questions when you are planning local funeral services near you. Here are the answers to the most commonly asked questions about funeral services.

How much is the cost of a casket?

The cost of the casket you choose will depend on the material that was used to build it. A particle board casket cost is under $1,000. Metal or wooden caskets are the most commonly purchased caskets. They are offered by funeral homes in the $2,000 to $4,000 price range.

What are the traditional funeral service components?

The five components of a common funeral service include visitation services, a funeral ceremony, a funeral procession, a burial service, and a gathering or reception.

Is a funeral service more expensive than a cremation service?

Yes, it is more expensive to have traditional funeral services than cremation services.