Our Services

Douglass Mortuary provides a full range of mortuary services, facilities and merchandise and are ready to serve around the clock and around the calendar. Your call for assistance will always be answered. From the simplest burial and cremation services to complete traditional and non-traditional funerals; from memorial services, graveside services, scattering of ashes, anniversary observances, remembrance services, and celebration of life services, Douglass Mortuary can assist families with any and all of their funeral and commemorative decisions. Likewise, from pre-planning to at-need services, Douglass Mortuary provides counsel and guidance to its clients' families before a death occurs, when a death occurs, and after a death has taken place. We feel that the best decisions arrive from the most informed decisions; so all funeral arrangements are made by open, honest discussion with families about costs, fees and finances, as well as their concerns about the meaning and value of the funeral.

Complete funeral services ending in cremation or burial

For most families, in addition to the disposition of a loved one, a chance for the living to gather, pay final respects, share stories and memories and the grief that attends a death is an important part of the funeral process. Visitation is most often held at the mortuary one day prior to the actual funeral service or ceremony. During this visitation, religious and family services are often held – rosary and vigil services or prayer services. A formal funeral service follows, most often at the mortuary chapel, at the family’s church or place of worship and a procession to the graveside is most often part of the ceremony. If cremation is selected, once funeral services have been concluded private transfer of your loved one to the crematory will occur.

Limited funeral services ending in cremation or burial

Some families prefer to condense or do without some elements of a complete funeral. Often we plan services where the visitation and funeral service or ceremony is held during the same period. In lieu of a funeral procession to the graveside family and friends can meet at the cemetery once the funeral service or ceremony has concluded or the morning following if such services occur during the evening. Such limited services may all take place within the same morning or afternoon or evening and may occur at the mortuary chapel or the family church or elsewhere.

Caskets, cremation caskets, burial vaults, urns, monuments, markers, keepsakes and commemorative jewelry along with a variety of printed and video products are available in all price ranges. Douglass Family Mortuaries believes that all decisions related to the expense of funeral services and the choices of funeral merchandise belong to the client-family. No discussion of funeral arrangements will take place without fully itemized price information and disclosures. This is in keeping with good consumer protection, good business policy, and the spirit and the letter of federal regulations. Douglass Family Mortuaries believe that what is good for the consumer is good for our firm. We guard our reputation accordingly.

Home wakes and home funerals

Before funeral “parlors” there were family parlors where the dead were laid out, weddings were performed and babies were baptized. The family home was the venue for life’s big events – birth, death and marriage. This 19th and early 20th century fashion is, for many families, still especially meaningful. The assistance of the funeral director in arranging the viewing, supplying equipment, merchandise as well as guidance and direction for any formal services and transportation to the place of burial or cremation can be very helpful. Douglass Family Mortuaries are able to assist families in keeping a death in the family a home-based and family-centered event. Many times it is necessary that a member of our staff go to the family’s home to examine the layout of the location where the deceased will be presented to ensure the doorways, hallways, etc. are ample enough to accommodate the casketed remains.

Immediate cremation and burial options

For families who choose immediate cremation or burial, Douglass Family Mortuaries can coordinate the medical and legal certifications required for a burial or cremation permit in a timely manner. We can assist with planning of memorial services, graveside services, and the disposition of cremated remains.