Cremation in Redondo Beach

Redondo Beach Cremation

You should look into the Redondo Beach cremation service if you are wanting to pre-plan your final arrangements. It is not only financial to pre-plan your cremation, but it can be emotionally beneficial to your family at the time of your death. In addition to making cremation arrangements, you should also work with the cremation company to plan remembrance services that you want to be included, too.

For help with pre-planning your cremation services or planning at-time cremation services for a family member, you should meet with a local cremation service provider. The cremation company will set you up with a cremation coordinator to help you understand pre-planning benefits and cremation pricing. You can also get help with planning remembrance services around the time of your cremation services in Redondo Beach.

Pre-Planning Local Cremation Service has Benefits

Pre-planning your Redondo Beach cremation has a lot of benefits. You will be able to purchase cremation services at a lower price point than if you waited until the service was needed. Additionally, you will not have to pay inflation costs and prices that increase will not affect your services after they have been prepaid. Having a cremation directive that has been paid for will ensure that there are not any additional costs associated with the cremation service due at the time of your death.

Not only is pre-planning your cremation financially beneficial, but it also allows your family to have a plan for your final arrangements. The cremation company will be able to follow the plan that you have set up at the time of your death and your family will not have to guess what you would have preferred.

Affordable Cremation Service Packages

There are low-cost cremation packages offered by most cremation companies. These packages have been created to include everything needed for the simple cremation process to take place. If remembrance services are not wanted then direct cremation services can also be arranged. A direct cremation package is a basic, cheap cremation option. Services take place at the crematory for around $2,500.

Slightly more expensive cremation packages are available that include cremation as well as a traditional ceremony or memorial service. A basic cremation with some type of remembrance service is available for around $3,000 but can increase if there are add-ons to the package.

Cremation expenses that are not included in a cremation package include the cremation urn cost, final disposition cost, and permit fees.

Remembrance Services

Before or after the cremation takes place at the Redondo Beach crematory there are remembrance services that can be arranged. There are traditional ceremony options that are just like the ceremonies that take place when a person chooses a funeral service ending in burial. This includes familiar elements such as the visitation period and the ceremony where a speaker gives a eulogy. The difference between funeral services and cremation services is what happens to the body of the deceased following the eulogy service.

Traditional Ceremony

Classic elements of a traditional ceremony that ends in cremation are just like funeral services that end in burial. For the traditional ceremony to take place the body of the deceased will need to be embalmed. Following the embalming the mortuary staff will dress, apply cosmetics, and arrange the deceased in a casket

Visitation services will take place at least one day prior to the eulogy ceremony. This service allows visitors including the friends and family of the deceased to view the body and say their goodbyes. Those that gather can support each other and mourn together.

Following the visitation and viewing, a ceremony will take place in which a speaker gives a eulogy. The speaker can be a religious leader, a close friend of the deceased, or a family member. This speech honors the life of the deceased and can include prayer, Bible readings, and music.

Memorial Service

Much like the traditional ceremony, a memorial service will include a eulogy given. The main difference between the two ceremonies is that the body of the deceased is not present for a memorial service. This eliminates the need for the body of the deceased to be embalmed or a casket to be rented for visitation services.

The type of remembrance service that you plan is a personal choice. Your cremation provider can help you make arrangements regardless of which remembrance service you select.

Hire Douglass Mortuary for Redondo Beach Cremation

Douglass Mortuary is the best cremation company to hire for a local cremation service near Redondo Beach. Three generations have served the community for over eighty years by providing local cremation near you.

Douglass Mortuary is committed to providing its clients with quality services at affordable prices. This is why they are the best choice for cremation in Redondo Beach. The local crematorium is regularly inspected and licensed by the state. A funeral director is available to oversee all of the cremation and remembrance services. If you have questions about cremation services contact one of their professional coordinators today.