Funeral Service in El Segundo

El Segundo Funeral Service

Working with a funeral provider is the best thing that you can do when making funeral arrangements. A funeral company can help you plan a local funeral service. They can also help you understand how funeral pricing works and even get you started with pre-planning your funeral.

Arrange Funeral Services for an El Segundo Funeral

When you need to plan a local funeral service near El Segundo, you should set up a consultation with a funeral home representative. They will walk you through the elements included in an affordable service to help you decide which services you want to arrange. Funeral companies will have packages with the elements needed to plan a traditional funeral service.

4 Traditional Funeral Service Elements

There are several elements that need to be planned if you intend to have a traditional funeral service. A customary El Segundo funeral includes a visitation service, funeral ceremony, procession, and burial service.

Visitation Service

The visitation service is a service where the body of the deceased has been embalmed and arranged in a casket. Friends of the deceased can visit with the family of the deceased and share memories they hold dear. While visitors may stop by the funeral home in El Segundo for just a short time during the visitation service, immediate family members usually stay for the duration of the service to receive visitors. This service usually takes place for a few hours a day before the funeral ceremony.

Funeral Ceremony

The funeral ceremony is what most people think about when they think about funeral services. This is when a speaker will deliver a eulogy to the attendees who have gathered for the funeral. The eulogy will describe the accomplishments of the deceased, highlight the contributions they made to the community, and honor the life that was lost. This ceremony usually takes place in the chapel at the funeral home in El Segundo.

Funeral Procession

When the funeral ceremony ends a vehicle carrying the casket with the deceased will lead the attendees from the El Segundo funeral home in a procession to the cemetery. Other vehicles on the road at that time will pause and allow the procession to continue. This gesture is a sign of respect.

Burial Services

Once at the cemetery, there will be a graveside service arranged. This service is also known as the committal service. It is a ceremony that is done to commit the body of the deceased to its final resting place. The graveside ceremony is usually shorter in duration than the funeral ceremony. The same speaker who gave the eulogy can perform the graveside ceremony. Following the ceremony, the funeral service provider will complete the burial services.

These four elements are the most traditional elements found in funeral services; however, other El Segundo funeral elements can be arranged. For example, some families choose to hold a gathering following the burial services so that the attendees can gather together and share a meal with each other.

Memorial Service

Some families may prefer a low-cost funeral option so they may choose to hold a memorial service instead of a traditional funeral. The memorial service is similar in nature to the funeral ceremony. The biggest difference is that the body does not have to be present at the funeral home in El Segundo for a memorial service to take place.

How Much is a Funeral with El Segundo Burial Service

Many funeral companies offer their clients cheap funerals. This does not mean that the funeral is planned poorly, it means that the funeral expenses are kept to a minimum so that the client can stay within their budget. Packages are offered with traditional funeral services, memorial services, and burial services.

In addition to factoring in the cost of the package in the funeral cost, you will also have to add in the casket cost. The average cost of a funeral in California is $11,000, but that estimate can increase if more services are added to the chosen funeral package.

Pre-Planning Your El Segundo Funeral

One way to decrease the amount that you will have to pay for a funeral is to pre-plan it. When you pre-plan your El Segundo funeral you will get the services at the current funeral pricing rather than what they will be in the future. This allows you to save money and ensure that your family is not charged anything for your final arrangements. Additionally, they will have a directive of your final wishes.

Why Choose Douglass Mortuary for a Funeral in El Segundo

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