Funeral Service in Torrance

Torrance Funeral Service

Planning an affordable funeral service is possible with a local funeral provider. They can help you choose a funeral service package for at-time funeral service and make low-cost funeral decisions. Another way to decrease your funeral cost is by pre-planning your funeral. If you need either of these services you should set up a consultation meeting with the funeral home in Torrance.

How to Arrange Funeral Services Near You

Arrange funeral services by choosing a package offered by one of the local funeral companies. Choosing a package makes planning a Torrance funeral easier because the services will follow a predetermined plan. Local funeral service near Torrance is preferred so that you avoid costly transportation fees charged by a funeral provider that isn’t local.

When you are making funeral arrangements work with the coordinator at the funeral home to make the plans. Local funeral service includes specific elements like a visitation, funeral ceremony, funeral procession, burial services, and occasionally a reception following the burial services.

Alternative Options for a Torrance Funeral

Traditional services are not mandatory. Your funeral service provider has alternative options available. You may choose to hold a memorial service, graveside service, or home funeral instead of a traditional Torrance funeral.

Memorial Services

A memorial service can be planned at the Torrance funeral home. This service is similar to a funeral ceremony; however, the body of the deceased is not present and a visitation service will not take place.

Graveside and Burial Service

A simple graveside service that takes place before the Torrance burial service is another alternative option. The Torrance funeral company will help you plan local funeral services near you if a graveside and burial service is wanted instead of traditional services. The funeral in Torrance can be simple or elaborate.


Home Wakes and Home Funerals

Funerals used to take place in the home of a relative of the deceased as opposed to a local funeral home. The funeral home in Torrance is capable of arranging a home wake or home funeral if that is what you want.


A home wake is like a visitation service and a home funeral is like a funeral ceremony. When you choose a home funeral instead of holding the services at a Torrance funeral home, you are able to receive the visitors at home. To some people, these are intimate and comforting services.

The funeral director and support staff will assist with arranging a home wake or home funeral. They make sure that there is space for the casket in the home as well as make sure the casket can easily enter and exit the home. After the services are over, the funeral service provider continues the burial services at the cemetery.

How Much is a Funeral in Torrance

There are different decisions that you will make when planning the funeral in Torrance that will impact the total funeral pricing. In addition to the service package that is chosen, you will have to account for the casket cost, cost of the burial plot, and the cost of the gravestone to come up with the total amount for funeral expenses. You can make decisions for a cheap funeral with a coordinator at the funeral home in Torrance if needed.

Funeral service packages that have all of the traditional funeral elements are around $5,000. Then you will spend between $2,000 and $4,000 on the casket. When all other funeral expenses are added to these charges you should expect a funeral to cost about $11,000.

Pre-Planning Your Funeral in Torrance

If you are not making at-time funeral plans you can choose to preplan your funeral. By pre-planning your funeral you will save money on the funeral cost and make sure that your family knows your wishes.


Your family will know your exact wishes for your final arrangements if you preplan your funeral. The funeral coordinator that you work with will help you develop the funeral directive. Then, you will pay for the services prior to needing them. This will lower the total amount that you spend on your own funeral services because you will get the current funeral pricing. Inflation costs will also be avoided, too.

It can be emotionally beneficial for your family if you choose to preplan and prepay for your funeral. This is because they will not have to make any decisions about how to arrange the funeral services. They will be able to mourn and grieve knowing your exact wishes are being carried out.

Select Douglass Mortuary for a Funeral in Torrance

Select Douglass Mortuary to carry out your funeral services in Torrance. For over eighty years they have provided the community with funeral services, cremation services, and pre-planning services. Their staff is highly trained and makes sure that you receive compassionate and professional services.