Funeral Service in Redondo Beach

Redondo Beach Funeral Service

It can be very emotional when you are making funeral arrangements because funeral services are so personal. You should work with a local funeral service provider if you need to arrange funeral services after the death of a loved family member. They can also help you if you are interested in preplanning your funeral in Redondo Beach. Funeral providers are professional and compassionate when you need to plan a local funeral service near you.

You can get help from a funeral coordinator at the funeral home in Redondo Beach to make affordable funeral service arrangements. Additionally, you will learn about the customary funeral service process and see the different casket options that they offer during the consultation. If needed, less traditional or limited funeral services arrangements can be made.

Consider Pre-Planning Your Funeral

If you leave your family with a plan for the arrangements that you want to take place at the funeral home in Redondo Beach your family will have more time to mourn your passing. This will help relieve some stress around funeral planning. Your family will not have to make any difficult decisions about what to do for your funeral arrangements and they will know your exact wishes. The exact services that you have planned will be carried out.

By pre-planning your funeral you will not only alleviate some of the emotional hardship on your family, but you will also financially benefit from pre-planning your Redondo Beach funeral. A provider will ensure that you get the best possible pricing for your future funeral. You are able to get the current rates for funeral services when you work with a funeral company to make your funeral directive.

Not only will you get the current funeral pricing when you prepay for your local funeral service, but you will avoid rate increases and the cost of inflation, too. Your family will also benefit because they will not be responsible for paying any of the funeral expenses.

Prepare for the Cost of a Funeral in Redondo Beach

One of the first questions that get asked when pre-planning and prepaying for funeral services is how much is a funeral with burial services? Funeral companies are transparent in their funeral pricing and have low-cost funeral plans if needed. There are several elements that get factored into the Redondo Beach funeral estimate.

Funeral service providers generally have put together packages with commonly requested services at discounted rates. The packages that funeral companies offer will vary in price based on the services that are included. Services provided in most funeral packages include:

  • Assistance from the funeral director and support staff
  • Transportation of the deceased to the funeral home in Redondo Beach
  • Embalming, dressing, cosmetic care, and arrangement of the body in the casket
  • Visitation and viewing services
  • Use of the chapel for the funeral ceremony
  • Transportation of the deceased to the local cemetery
  • Redondo Beach burial service and staff assistance at the gravesite

Most packages that are available for a Redondo Beach funeral include services only. These packages are not intended to be all-inclusive. Items that are not included in the package but will need to be purchased include the casket cost, cost of the burial plot, and headstone cost. Specialty services and funeral merchandise are usually not included in the package price either.

The average Redondo Beach funeral cost starts at $11,000. The amount will increase as services are added to the service plan. Cheap funerals can be arranged by choosing an inexpensive casket and a limited service package. The coordinator at the Redondo Beach funeral home can make recommendations at the planning consultation.

There are two ways to have limited services. The first way is to leave out services or choose less expensive items you are more likely to plan a cheap funeral. When services are omitted from the plan then a package with fewer services can be chosen.

Limited services can also be arranged to take place for a shorter amount of time. When you shorten the time that it takes for each funeral service element you can arrange for all of the services to take place in just one or two days. This will limit the funeral services and help you arrange a low-cost funeral.

No matter how simple or how grand you want the funeral services to be, make sure that you hire a trustworthy funeral company. A reputable funeral provider will have the experience and knowledge necessary to meet and exceed your expectations.

Hire Douglass Mortuary for a Funeral in Redondo Beach

You should hire Douglass Mortuary for help with planning a Redondo Beach funeral. Their Redondo Beach funeral home is capable of providing full and limited funeral services, complete cremation services, and pre-planning services. The kind and compassionate staff is highly trained and welcomes your questions.

Douglass Mortuary is committed to serving the Redondo Beach community with quality services at affordable prices. Three generations of their family have operated the funeral home for over eighty years. You are sure to get honorable and dignified services with Douglass Mortuary.