Funeral Service in Marina Del Rey

Marina Del Rey Funeral Service

Funeral services have different meanings to different people which is why it can be very emotional when making funeral arrangements. Whether you need to arrange funeral services following the death of a beloved family member or you are interested in preplanning your funeral, you should work with a funeral service provider. Funeral providers are able to help you plan local funeral services near you with compassion and professionalism.

A funeral coordinator at the funeral home in Marina Del Rey can help you arrange an affordable funeral service. They can also help you to understand the process of a traditional funeral ceremony and even help you see different casket options. Limited funeral service plans are also available for you to choose from if needed.

Consider Pre-Planning Your Funeral

One thing that will help alleviate your family’s grief at the time of your passing is if they have a plan for the arrangements that you want to take place at the funeral home in Marina Del Rey. A funeral directive will ensure that your family has the plan for your final arrangements. They will not have to guess what you would have liked for your final wishes and they will not have to make any decisions about the kind of local funeral service and burial service that you had envisioned for yourself.

In addition to helping your family by not adding to their grief, you will benefit financially by pre-planning your Marina Del Rey funeral with a funeral provider. When you work with a funeral company to make plans that take place in the future you are able to take advantage of the current funeral cost rather than pay the rates for services at the time of your death.

When you prepay for your local funeral service near Marina Del Rey you not only get the current funeral pricing, but you will ensure that your family is not responsible for paying any of the funeral expenses.

Prepare for the Cost of a Funeral in Marina Del Rey

Now that you’re thinking about pre-planning and prepaying for your funeral the next logical question to ask is how much is a funeral? Funeral companies have low-cost funeral options if this is something you are interested in. There are several things that you need to take into consideration to get an estimate for a Marina Del Rey funeral.

Funeral companies will usually have packages put together for you to choose from. These packages vary in services offered as well as the total price. Funeral packages usually include some of the following services:

  • The assistance of the funeral director and support staff
  • Transportation of the deceased to the mortuary
  • Embalming, dressing, cosmetic care, and arrangement in the casket
  • Visitation service at the funeral home in Marina Del Rey
  • Funeral ceremony at the funeral home chapel
  • Transportation of the casket with the deceased to the cemetery
  • Marina Del Rey burial service

It is important to know that the package you choose for the Marina Del Rey funeral is unlikely to be all-inclusive. The burial plot, headstone, and casket costs are usually not included in the package’s price. Additional services and merchandise may also be added that aren’t included in the package price.

Marina Del Rey funerals cost an average of $11,000 and go up in price depending on the specific decisions made during the planning consultation. Cheap funerals are available if you choose basic services and an inexpensive casket. If this is something that you need make sure to let the Marina Del Rey funeral home coordinator know before you start the planning session.

When you are planning a cheap funeral it is a good idea to look at the traditional funeral services and see if there are any elements that you want to be left out of the funeral plan. If some services are omitted then a package containing fewer services can be chosen.

Another type of limited funeral service plan may shorten the length of each traditional funeral service element so that the entire process can take place in one day. By making limited funeral service arrangements you can lower the total cost of the funeral.

Regardless of how extensive or simple you want to arrange the funeral service, it is important for you to hire a reputable funeral company that has the necessary experience and knowledge to fulfill your needs.

Why Hire Douglass Mortuary for a Funeral in Marina Del Rey

If you are looking to plan a Marina Del Rey funeral then you should hire Douglass Mortuary. They offer full funeral services and complete cremation services from their Marina Del Rey funeral home. Their staff is kind and compassionate.

Douglass Mortuary has been locally owned and operated for over eighty years. That’s three generations of a family that has committed to providing Marina Del Rey and the surrounding community with honorable and dignified services.