Cremation in Los Angeles

Los Angeles Cremation

Have you ever thought about pre-planning your cremation? Your family will benefit because they will have a directive to follow. To make the directive all you need to do is work with a cremation provider. Pre-planning your funeral will benefit you, too, because you will know about the cremation service options if you have to make cremation arrangements following the death of a loved one. Cremation service in Los Angeles can be easy to plan if you know where to start.

Planning a Local Cremation Service near Los Angeles

You should start working with a cremation service provider when you need to plan a Los Angeles cremation service. They can help you with pre-planning or planning at-time cremation service. When you work with a local cremation company you will get answers to all of your questions. Cremation companies will work with you so that you have the cremation pricing and make low-cost cremation decisions. Additionally, you can plan loving remembrance services, too.

Cost of Private Cremation

Both national and local cremation companies can help you plan cremation services. A local provider for cremation in Los Angeles will help you plan the most affordable cremation services. When you plan services locally you can save money because there will not be any expensive transfer fees. The mortuary that you choose will already have a working relationship with the local crematorium, too.

The cost of local cremation near you depends on the services that you choose. Direct cremation services are the best option for a cheap cremation. Local estimates for direct cremation start at $2,500. Remembrance services can be added to simple cremation, too.

Los Angeles Cremation Process

The cremation company will be notified by the family of the deceased that it is time for cremation services to begin. The mortuary will then arrange the transportation of the body of the deceased to be transferred to the mortuary. Positive identification might be needed before cremation can begin.

The mortuary will transfer the body of the deceased to the Los Angeles crematory. When the body arrives a personal identification disc will be placed with the deceased. This will ensure that the remains are identifiable throughout the entire cremation process.

The local crematorium will ensure that only a single, private cremation takes place in a cremation chamber at a time. There will not be multiple cremations that are completed at the same time in the same chamber. Once the cremation is finished the ashes will be placed in a cremation urn and released for final disposition.

Remembrance Services

A family may choose to arrange traditional cremation and remembrance services. Traditional remembrance services are what you think of when you think of a funeral service. The difference is that the ceremony will not end in burial service, it will end in cremation. If traditional services are not wanted then a memorial service can be arranged instead.

Traditional Remembrance Services

Like with funeral services, traditional remembrance services include a visitation and a ceremony with a eulogy. Before the visitation services can take place, the body of the deceased must be embalmed. Following embalming, the mortuary will dress, apply cosmetics, and arrange the deceased in a casket.

Visitation services last for several hours on the day prior to the final ceremony with the eulogy. Multiple days of visitation can be arranged if requested by the family. Adding multiple days of visitation can increase the cost of services.

When the visitation service hours are over the ceremony with the eulogy will begin. This service can be scheduled to take place at the facility’s chapel or a local place of worship. A speaker will deliver the eulogy, a speech that pays tribute to the life of the deceased. The speaker may also pray or read from the Bible.

Memorial Service

A smaller memorial service can be arranged if traditional services are not wanted. The biggest difference is that during a memorial service the body of the deceased is not present. This alleviates the need to embalm the body, rent a casket, and hold visitation services. Just like with traditional services, a speaker will be able to give a eulogy to those in attendance. In some cases, memorial services are just as honorable and memorable as traditional services.

Direct Cremation Services

Direct cremation services can take place if remembrance services are not requested. The cremation company will ensure that everything needed for a basic cremation service is included in their direct cremation package.

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