Cremation in Manhattan Beach

Manhattan Beach Cremation

Local cremation services near Manhattan Beach can be arranged easily with the help of a local cremation provider. When you are making cremation arrangements you will have to decide what kind of remembrance services that you want to have. If remembrance services do not need to be planned, then the cremation company can help you arrange direct cremation services.

In addition to planning cremation in Manhattan Beach after the loss of a family member, you can also work with a cremation service provider for pre-planning your cremation and remembrance services.

Difference Between Traditional Services and a Memorial Service

The terms memorial service and funeral service are often used interchangeably; however, there is a difference between the two services. It is important to know that a funeral service ending in cremation can be planned instead of ending in a burial service. You should also know that the biggest difference between a traditional ceremony and a memorial service is whether or not the body of the deceased or their cremated remains are present.

Traditional services will have the body of the deceased present at the eulogy whereas the body or cremated remains are not present during a memorial service. The eulogy given during traditional services and a memorial service will be similar. During the eulogy, a speaker will talk about the life of the deceased. They may highlight the accomplishments of the deceased, pray with the attendees, or read Bible verses.

Traditional Cremation

Cremation companies usually offer a package for traditional cremation and remembrance services. The package will most likely include complete cremation services at the local crematorium following the traditional remembrance services. Traditional services include an arranged visitation and eulogy where friends and family may view the body of the deceased while they say their final goodbyes.

After the cremation at the crematory, the family may also arrange for final disposition services. Common arrangements for the final disposition include burial in a burial plot, placement in a mausoleum niche, placement in a cremation urn to be kept by a family member, or scattering the remains.

Simple Cremation

When planning local cremation near you it is not required to hold remembrance services of any kind. While it is customary to hold remembrance services so people choose to plan them independently after the cremation in Manhattan Beach is complete.

When cremation service in Manhattan Beach is planned without remembrance services then the cremation company can arrange direct cremation services. Direct cremation is a simple cremation option that provides everything necessary for a complete cremation to take place. These services are usually unattended by the family and unscheduled; however, if requested the crematory will allow the family to be present for the insertion of the cremation container into the cremation chamber.

Low-Cost Cremation Planning

Direct cremation is one option for clients to plan a cheap cremation. Cremation companies also offer their clients cremation packages. Cremation packages are designed to include multiple services at discounted rates. Cremation pricing for all services will be made available by the Manhattan Beach cremation company so that you know exactly what to expect for cremation expenses.

In general, cremation pricing is less than funeral pricing. This is because a casket, burial plot, and headstone are not needed if a cremation service is chosen. If traditional services like visitation with viewing are performed then a casket can be rented instead of purchased. Cremation urns are generally less expensive than a casket, too.

How to Pick a Cremation Company in Manhattan Beach

The best thing to do when picking a cremation company is to have a set of expectations that the cremation service provider must meet. Here are a few minimum expectations that you should set:

  • The cremation company should be locally owned and operated
  • You should have access to a cremation coordinator so you can get answers to your questions
  • A funeral director should oversee the remembrance services and cremation services
  • The crematorium that is used should be regularly inspected and licensed by the state
  • The crematory should not perform multiple cremations in the same cremation chamber at the same time
  • The cremation pricing should be transparent and you should have access to an up to date price sheet at all times

When you set these minimum expectations you will ensure that the cremation company that you choose is trustworthy and capable of providing honorable services.

Why Pick Douglass Mortuary for Manhattan Beach Cremation

For the best cremation service in Manhattan Beach, you should pick Douglass Mortuary. They have provided local cremation service to the Manhattan Beach community for over eighty years. The staff is highly trained, compassionate, and are dedicated to providing affordable cremation services.

Douglass Mortuary works with the Manhattan Beach crematory to provide all of their private cremations. The facility is routinely inspected and licensed by the state. Additionally, a funeral director will oversee all of the Manhattan Beach cremation services for your comfort.