Funeral Service in Gardena

Gardena Funeral Service

You need to find a funeral service provider that offers local funeral services near Gardena if the thought of making funeral arrangements overwhelms you. The funeral provider will walk you through the elements of a traditional funeral service and help you understand the funeral pricing. Additionally, the funeral company can help you with pre-planning your funeral.

Five Elements of a Traditional Funeral

Plan local funeral services near you with one of the area’s trusted funeral companies. The local funeral plan can include traditional or non-traditional services that take place at the funeral home or local worship center.

The five elements that will be recommended by the funeral home in Gardena are the services that are traditionally planned for most funeral services. These five elements include:

  1. Visitation and viewing service with an open casket
  2. Funeral ceremony in the chapel
  3. Funeral procession to the cemetery
  4. Gardena burial service
  5. Gathering with reception

There are other non-traditional funeral plans that can be arranged for a funeral in Gardena.

Two Types of Less-Traditional Funeral Plans

A family may choose to have non-traditional funeral plans or have limited services for a variety of reasons. The Gardena funeral provider can help with non-traditional arrangements, too.

A memorial service can be planned instead of holding the customary funeral services. The memorial service is shorter in length than what it would take to have all five of the five funeral elements. The primary difference between a memorial service and the traditional plan is that the body of the deceased is not present at the memorial service.

When a memorial service is held instead of the traditional services, the visitation service is not arranged. This service is perfect for anyone who needs to delay remembrance services.

A limited funeral service plan is another way to arrange funeral services. In this instance, only the services wanted by the family will be set up and the other service elements will be omitted from the plan.

Creating Affordable Funeral Services

Low-cost funeral services can be arranged with the help of a funeral coordinator at the local funeral company. The coordinator with the funeral home in Gardena will present you with the various funeral package options that are available through the funeral company. When you decide on a package the services that are included will come at a discounted rate which will help you arrange a cheap funeral.

Not only will the funeral service package cost be included in the funeral expenses, but you will have to factor in the cost of the casket, burial plot, and headstone, too. Other items like funeral merchandise, printed materials, and keepsake items will also increase the funeral cost total.

Many people’s first question for a funeral provider is how much is a funeral with a Gardena burial service? You will need to add up all of the services and items planned during the funeral consultation. It is estimated that the total cost of a Gardena funeral that includes a burial service is about $11,000. Again, expect this price to increase if any additional services were added to the package.

Benefits of Pre-Planning a Gardena Funeral

You should speak with the funeral coordinator at the funeral home in Gardena if you are thinking about pre-planning your funeral. They will go over the service options and help you make a plan for your final arrangements.

There are many benefits to pre-planning a Gardena funeral. This includes locking in the current pricing for funeral services and avoiding the rate increase that happens after payment is made.

Additionally, you will avoid inflation costs once your services are paid for.

Your family will financially benefit from your proactive planning because they will not be responsible for any charges at the time of your passing. Rates are locked in and paid for so there will not be any additional fees due.

Family members also benefit emotionally when pre-planned funeral services have been made by their loved ones. They will not have to worry about making any decisions or guess what you would have wanted your final arrangements to be like. Your family will be given the plan that you made and the funeral home will carry out your specific wishes.

You Should Pick Douglass Mortuary for a Funeral in Gardena

You should pick Douglass Mortuary when you are looking for a funeral service provider in Gardena. They are locally owned and have served the Gardena community for over eight decades. Douglass Mortuary is capable of helping you plan Gardena funeral services, cremation services, and pre-planning services.

Their knowledgeable funeral director and compassionate support staff will oversee the funeral services and answer any questions that you have throughout the process. Contact Douglass Mortuary for a private consultation at their Gardena funeral home. They are committed to arranging honorable and memorable services that you will cherish.