Cremation in Westchester

Westchester Cremation

Have you thought about Westchester cremation for end-of-life services? A cremation service provider can help you pre-plan cremation services and remembrance services for yourself. They can also help you plan the time-of cremation service in Westchester following the death of a loved one who did not make their final wishes known.

To plan a cremation in Westchester you should know about the traditional remembrance services, memorial services, and direct cremation services that are offered by cremation companies. The choices that you make for the Westchester cremation service will increase or decrease the total cremation cost.

Elements of a Memorial Service

When you work with a cremation company to plan a local cremation near you they will assist you with planning remembrance services. There are five parts included in a memorial service. It is possible to skip one or more of the traditional elements. When you are planning remembrance services the cremation company will make sure that you receive only the elements that you want to be included. The five parts of a complete memorial service include:

  1. Visitation and viewing
  2. Eulogy
  3. Procession
  4. Committal service
  5. Gathering

The Westchester cremation company will help you organize a memorial service that is thoughtful and memorable. If you have a specific request you should speak to the on-site coordinator for assistance.

Cremation and Remembrance Services

There are a variety of ways that remembrance service with cremation can be arranged. The most commonly requested remembrance services are traditional services similar to those that would be arranged with a funeral and the second most requested remembrance service is a memorial service. Remembrance services are not a requirement for cremation services to take place so it is also possible to plan a simple cremation without remembrance services.

Traditional Remembrance Services with Cremation

Traditional remembrance services begin with preparing the body for visitation services. This includes embalming, dressing, and arranging the body of the deceased in the casket. Unlike with a funeral, the casket can be rented because it will only be used for remembrance services.

Visitation services will take place first. This allows family and friends of the deceased to visit with each other and view the deceased in the open casket when they say their goodbyes. Following the visitation service, there will be a ceremony with a eulogy.

A eulogy is a speech where a speaker talks about the life of the deceased. They may talk about their accomplishments and the contributions they made to the community. The speaker might pray and read Bible passages, too. There may also be a time for meaningful music to be played.

Following cremation, there can be a committal service that commits the ashes of the deceased to their final resting place. Final disposition options include burial in a gravesite, placement in a mausoleum, scattering, or placement in a cremation urn to be kept with a family member.

After the final disposition service is over the attendees may gather together for a reception At the gathering there can be a full meal service or light refreshments. Pictures may be set up in the gathering space or a slideshow might be arranged.

Cremation and Memorial Services

The biggest difference between traditional services and a memorial service is that the body of the deceased or the cremated remains of the deceased does not need to be present. Some of the elements from the traditional service can be planned alongside the memorial service.

Direct Cremation Services

It is not mandatory to plan traditional services or memorial services when choosing cremation. Private cremation without any remembrance services is called direct cremation. The mortuary will arrange for the body of the deceased to be transported to the Westchester crematory. The crematory will complete the direct cremation services and then the ashes will be sent from the local crematorium back to the mortuary facility.

At the mortuary, a representative will make recommendations for a cremation urn. Cremation urns are needed if the final disposition is to take place at a gravesite or mausoleum. A decorative or functional cremation urn may be purchased if the remains are to be kept at a private residence.

Planning Affordable Cremation Services

The cremation company in Westchester will have a variety of options for low-cost cremation. A cheap cremation option is having direct cremation services; however, cremation pricing is usually lower in total price than a funeral. Simple cremation and remembrance services can be arranged for under $3,500 in most cases.

Why Select Douglass Mortuary for Westchester Cremation

When you need a local cremation service near Westchester you should select Douglass Mortuary as your cremation provider. For over eighty years three generations have committed to providing their clients with the most compassionate local cremation service. Their highly trained staff can help if you are making cremation arrangements, are pre-planning your cremation, or if you have questions about the different types of cremation and remembrance services.