Funeral Service in Hollyglen

Hollyglen Funeral Service

The best thing that you can do when making funeral arrangements is to work with a funeral provider. A local funeral service can be planned easily with the help of a funeral company near you. In addition to helping you understand funeral pricing, they can help you with pre-planning your funeral and creating a funeral directive.

Arrange Funeral Services for a Hollyglen Funeral

You should set up a consultation with a funeral home representative when you need to plan a local funeral service near Hollyglen. The funeral provider can help you understand what elements are included in a traditional service. They can also help you decide if you want to plan limited services for a more affordable funeral. Funeral companies offer packages that include all of the funeral service elements for a traditional funeral service as well as packages that have limited service options.

Four Funeral Service Elements in a Traditional Service

There are four elements in a traditional funeral service. These four elements of a Hollyglen funeral include the visitation service, funeral ceremony, funeral procession, and Hollyglen burial service.

Visitation Service and Viewing

After the body of the deceased has been embalmed and arranged in the casket there will be a visitation service. During this service, the family of the deceased can receive visitors who want to pay their respects. Usually, the immediate family members stay for the duration of the allotted service time, but visitors may stop by the funeral home in Hollyglen for just a short time.

Funeral Ceremony

When people think about funeral service the first thing that comes to mind is the funeral ceremony. During the funeral ceremony, a speaker gives a eulogy, or speech, to the people who are in attendance. The accomplishments and contributions of the deceased will be highlighted in the eulogy. The speaker may also choose to pray, read Bible scripture, and pause for meaningful music to be played. This ceremony can take place at the chapel inside the funeral home in Hollyglen or at a local church.

Funeral Procession

After the funeral ceremony, the funeral company will prepare the casket to be transported from the Hollyglen funeral home to the local cemetery. Attendees will follow the vehicle carrying the casket in a funeral procession. Vehicles that are not participating in the funeral procession pause to allow the procession to pass as a sign of respect.

Burial Service and Graveside Service

There will be a graveside service at the cemetery. This service is also referred to as a committal service. This service commits the body of the deceased to its final resting place. The same speaker who gave the funeral ceremony eulogy usually speaks at the graveside service. This service is shorter in length than the funeral ceremony. Once the ceremony is complete the funeral service provider will finalize the burial service.

Other than these four elements, there are additional Hollyglen funeral elements that can be arranged if desired. For instance, some people choose to gather after the burial service for a reception. Light refreshments or full meal service may be provided at this service.

Memorial Service

A low-cost funeral option is to have limited services or a memorial service instead of a traditional funeral. Memorial services are similar to funeral ceremonies, with one major difference. At the memorial service, the body of the deceased will not be present for viewing. This eliminates the need to have a viewing service at the funeral home in Hollyglen.

How Much is a Funeral and Hollyglen Burial Service

Cheap funeral packages are offered by many funeral companies. Having a cheap funeral is not to say that the services are planned poorly, it just means that the package keeps the services to a minimum to make funeral expenses less than they could be.

You will have to add in the casket cost in addition to the cost of the package that you choose. The average funeral cost for a California funeral starts at $11,000. This number will increase if additional services are chosen.

Pre-Planning a Hollyglen Funeral

If you have the opportunity to pre-plan your funeral you should do it because you can decrease the amount that you have to pay for your Hollyglen funeral. By pre-planning your funeral you will secure the current funeral pricing. When you prepay for the arrangements then your family will not have to worry about covering any funeral costs or fees. They will also have a plan that contains your exact wishes.

Choose Douglass Mortuary for a Funeral in Hollyglen

Douglass Mortuary is the best choice for a funeral company. They can help you plan a funeral in Hollyglen with ease and compassion. Funeral services, cremation services, and pre-planning services can be arranged with the help of one of their on-site coordinators.

Douglass Mortuary is the best choice for planning a local funeral service near you. They are locally owned and operated. Three generations of this family have committed to providing quality services to the community.