Cremation in Playa Del Rey

Playa Del Rey Cremation

Cremation service providers know that it can be difficult both financially and emotionally to plan a Playa Del Rey cremation service after the death of a beloved family member. For this reason, cremation companies have developed affordable cremation service options and will help you pre-plan your cremation service, too.

Cremation Pricing

The cost of local cremation service will depend on a number of factors. This includes the services that are chosen during the cremation planning meeting. The best way to plan for a cheap cremation is to make decisions with a current cremation price list.

The cremation company that you choose should be transparent about their cremation pricing. Additionally, they may offer low-cost cremation packages that include a remembrance service and cremation service in Playa Del Rey. If remembrance services are not wanted then a simple cremation can be planned when making cremation arrangements.

Pre-Planning Your Cremation

There are many benefits to pre-planning your Playa Del Rey cremation. When you work with the cremation company to pre-plan local cremation services near Playa Del Rey, you will make sure that your final wishes are known. This will take some of the emotional burdens off of your family at the time of your death because they won’t have to make any difficult decisions.

Not only will you take a burden off of your family, but you will also benefit financially, too. It is financially beneficial because you will pay for your cremation long before you ever need the services. Pre-planning your cremation will allow you to lock in the current pricing and avoid inflation costs. It will also ensure that your family will not be charged for anything when your cremation services take place.

Types of Cremation Service

There are different services that can accompany local cremation near you. You can arrange a cremation that does not include any remembrance services or you can choose from a variety of remembrance services.

Direct Cremation Services

The cremation provider will offer direct cremation services that do not include any remembrance services. When direct cremation services are chosen, the Playa Del Rey crematory will complete the cremation services at an unscheduled time. Not only are these cremation services unscheduled, they are also unattended.

If requested, the crematory will schedule a private cremation that can be attended by close family. When this is chosen, the people in attendance will be able to witness the insertion of the cremation container into the cremation chamber at the beginning of the cremation in Playa Del Rey. This service takes place at the local crematorium. Following the complete cremation services, the crematory will gather the cremated remains and return the ashes to the cremation company in a temporary cremation urn for final disposition arrangements or release to the family.

Traditional Cremation with Remembrance Services

Traditional cremation can be planned to accompany remembrance services. The remembrance services can take place before cremation, after the cremation, or both. Traditional cremation services are scheduled to take place at a specific time so that the remembrance services can be arranged in a timely manner. If requested, family members may attend the insertion of the cremation container just like with direct services.

Types of Remembrance Services

There are different types of remembrance services that can be planned in addition to the local cremation services. The two most common services that are chosen are a traditional service or a memorial service. There is one major difference between these two services. The body of the deceased is present during traditional services whereas the body of the deceased or their remains is not present during a memorial service.

Traditional Ceremony

Traditional services that most people know as funeral services are often the same as cremation services. The only difference between the two is that one ends in a burial service where a casket is placed in a grave whereas the other ends in cremation and the ashes are placed in a cremation urn.

Traditional services include visitation, a ceremony, cremation, and final disposition services. In order for visitation services to take place, the body of the deceased will be embalmed, dressed, and arranged in a rented casket. Then during the ceremony, a speaker will give a eulogy that honors the life of the deceased. After the ceremony and cremation services, there will be an opportunity for a separate service to take place during the final disposition.

Memorial Service

If viewing services are not wanted then a memorial service can be arranged. The memorial service is similar to the ceremony that takes place during traditional ceremony services. A eulogy is given by a speaker to pay tribute to the life of the deceased.

Why You Want Douglass Mortuary when Planning Playa Del Rey Cremation Services

You want to use Douglass Mortuary when planning Playa Del Rey cremation services because they have been committed to serving the local community for over eighty years. Their staff is highly trained and can help you plan the exact services that you want in the most memorable way. Contact Douglass Mortuary for a cremation consultation when planning cremation services.