Funeral Service in Los Angeles

Los Angeles Funeral Service

Making funeral arrangements following the death of a beloved family member can be emotionally draining. If a funeral directive was not planned then someone will need to arrange funeral services. Funeral services can be arranged at a funeral home in Los Angeles with a funeral provider. The support staff will walk you through a service plan for the funeral in Los Angeles that concludes with burial services.

There are five standard elements included in a funeral plan, but it is not necessary to hold all of them if you don’t want them. You should be familiar with each element to make the planning process easier.

Traditional Los Angeles Funeral Elements

The funeral service provider that you work with will review each of the five traditional funeral service elements. They can arrange the specific services you want and omit anything you don’t want. Funeral services can take place at the funeral home in Los Angeles, a local church, or even a private family home.

Visitation and Viewing Services

The first part of the traditional Los Angeles funeral is a visitation and viewing service. In order for this to take place the funeral home will embalm, dress, and arrange the body of the deceased in the selected casket. An open or closed casket can be chosen, but most people choose to have an open casket for the viewing services.

The immediate family members of the deceased will receive visitors during the designated time. This service is usually set for around three hours on the day prior to the funeral ceremony. Visitors may choose to bring cards, flowers, food, or other gifts.

Funeral Ceremony

Once visitation and viewing have concluded there will be a funeral ceremony. During this ceremony, a speaker will deliver a eulogy or speech. The speech will include details about the accomplishments and contributions of the deceased, prayer, Bible verse readings, and even music. The funeral ceremony could be arranged to take place at a local church or at the funeral home in Los Angeles.

Funeral Procession

When the Los Angeles funeral ceremony is over the casket will be prepared for transportation to the local cemetery by the funeral company. Attendees that were present at the funeral ceremony may choose to follow the vehicle transporting the deceased to the cemetery for burial services. This is called the funeral procession.

Burial Service

Los Angeles funeral services will continue at the graveside in the local cemetery. The Los Angeles burial service will usually include a graveside service. The graveside service is sometimes called a committal ceremony if there are religious elements in the service. This ceremony is a time for final goodbyes before the body of the deceased is laid in its final resting place. The person who spoke at the funeral ceremony is usually the person who delivers the graveside service. This service is usually much shorter than the funeral ceremony.

Reception or Gathering Service

The family of the deceased may choose to hold a gathering service with or without a reception. When the reception is provided the family will offer small refreshments or full meal service depending on the time of day. Attendees will usually share stories and fond memories that they have of the deceased.

Answers to Questions about Local Funeral Services

When you plan an affordable funeral service you may have many questions for the funeral company. The funeral service provider will help you get the answers to your questions and provide low-cost funeral services, too. Here are the answers to the most commonly asked questions about funeral costs and plans.

How much is a funeral?

The average funeral in California begins at $11,000. The funeral pricing is set independently at the funeral home. The funeral expenses that are chosen may increase this amount.

How much does a casket cost?

A typical casket that is made from wood or metal will cost anywhere from $2,000 to $4,000. Cheaper caskets made of particle board cost under $1.000.

What services does the Los Angeles funeral home provide?

The Los Angeles funeral home will provide more than funeral services and burial services. They have the ability to provide cremation services, pre-planning services, and more.

What are the elements of a traditional funeral service?

The five elements of a traditional funeral service include a viewing service, funeral ceremony, funeral procession, burial service, and gathering. Cheap funerals and limited-service funerals may eliminate one or more of these elements.

Are there benefits to pre-planning your funeral?

Yes, there are many benefits to pre-planning your funeral, including financial and emotional benefits.

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