Funeral Service in Hermosa Beach

Hermosa Beach Funeral Service

When you lose a beloved family member it can be a very emotional time. One thing that you might have to do is plan a Hermosa Beach funeral if that family member did not make their final arrangements. If there is a funeral directive then it means that the Hermosa Beach funeral has already been planned.

Below is a guide to what you can expect to take place at a traditional Hermosa Beach funeral. Most people who want traditional services will plan to include each of the five components; however, it is not mandatory to have them. Each component may vary slightly from one funeral home service to another, too.

Visitation Service

The visitation service is a time when the immediate family of the deceased receives visitors who want to pay respects. There is usually an open casket with the body of the deceased so that the visitors can view the deceased one last time. Visitation service usually takes place one day prior to the funeral ceremony for a set number of hours.

Funeral Ceremony

The funeral ceremony is when all of the family and friends of the deceased gather together to remember the life that was lived. A speaker will give a eulogy that focuses on the life of the deceased. They may pray, read from the Bible, and pause for music to be played. The speaker is usually a member of the clergy, a close friend, or a relative of the deceased.

Funeral Procession

Once the funeral ceremony has concluded there will be a funeral procession to the cemetery. During the funeral procession, all of the attendees will follow the vehicle carrying the casket and body of the deceased. Other vehicles on the road will stop to allow the procession to pass as a sign of respect.

Burial Service

At the cemetery, burial services will take place. Before the casket is lowered into the grave there may be a graveside service or committal service. A committal service is usually religious in nature and commits the body of the deceased to its final resting place. The speaker who gave the eulogy may say another short prayer and read from the Bible. This is a shorter ceremony than the funeral service. It is the time for final goodbyes.

Gathering or Reception Service

Once all of the services have ended the family may invite the attendees to a gathering or reception service. There may be light refreshments or full meal service. During the gathering friends and family can share fond memories that they have of the deceased. There may also be pictures displayed or a slideshow playing.

Why You Want Douglass Mortuary for a Funeral in Hermosa Beach with Burial Services

You want to work with Douglass Mortuary to arrange a funeral in Hermosa Beach. They are the leading funeral company and have served the community for over eighty years. Hermosa Beach funerals, burial services, cremation services, and pre-planning services are just a few of their specialties.

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Local Funeral Service FAQs

How much is a funeral?

The funeral cost will depend on the services you choose when making funeral arrangements. Affordable funeral services packages are available at the funeral home. Funeral pricing starts at around $4,000 for a basic funeral package. Additional funeral expenses will increase the total funeral cost. Cheap funerals can be planned by eliminating services and minimizing what you spend.

How much does a casket cost?

The cost of the casket that you choose will depend on what it is made of. Caskets are made from particleboard, wood, and metal. Basic particle board caskets are priced under $1,000. Most metal and wood caskets are priced from $2,000 to $4,000, or more.

What services are provided by a funeral home in Hermosa Beach?

The Hermosa Beach funeral home offers more than just a local funeral service near you. Most funeral service providers offer funeral services, cremation services, and pre-planning services.


What are the components of a traditional funeral service?

If you choose to arrange funeral services at the funeral home in Hermosa Beach they can help you with traditional funeral services. Traditional funeral services recommended by funeral companies include a visitation service, funeral ceremony, funeral procession, Hermosa Beach burial service, and reception or gathering.

Why should you consider pre-planning your funeral?

It is very beneficial to pre-plan your funeral with a funeral provider. When you prepay for your local funeral service near Hermosa Beach you can get a low-cost funeral and make your wishes known. This is financially beneficial and helps your family by making sure they do not have to make decisions about what you would have wanted for your final arrangements.