Funeral Service in Playa Del Rey

Playa Del Rey Funeral Service

A local funeral service near Playa Del Rey can be arranged with the help of a funeral provider. Funeral companies help their clients arrange funeral services, have cremation services, and can help you if you are looking into pre-planning your funeral. They offer affordable funeral service and burial service options. If you are in need of making funeral arrangements find a local funeral company to work with.

Elements of a Playa Del Rey Funeral

When you meet with a funeral service provider they will help you arrange a funeral service that meets your needs. You will be able to decide if you want traditional funeral elements that take place at the funeral home in Playa Del Rey, or if there are other funeral plans that work better for you.

Traditional Playa Del Rey Funerals

Traditional funerals in Playa Del Rey have five specific elements. Each element lasts for a different amount of time and has a special significance in the funeral process. All five elements can be arranged with the coordinator at the funeral home in Playa Del Rey, or you can request that the funeral company omit services that you do not want. The five elements of a traditional funeral in Playa Del Rey include:

  1. Visitation and viewing service
  2. Funeral ceremony
  3. Funeral procession
  4. Burial services
  5. Gathering or reception

Usually, the visitation and viewing service, as well as the funeral ceremony, take place at the funeral home in Playa Del Rey; however, they can be arranged to take place at a local church or private residence.

Home Wakes & Home Funerals

Local funeral services did not always take place at a funeral home. In fact, it was customary for the funeral services to take place at the home of a relative of the deceased. If requested, the Playa Del Rey funeral home can help you set up a home wake or home funeral if you prefer not to hold the local funeral service at the funeral home.

To arrange a home wake, home funeral, or both, the Playa Del Rey funeral director and support staff will be available to help with the in-home services. The funeral director will make sure that there is adequate space for the casket to enter and exit the home. Additionally, they will make sure that there is enough space inside the home to accommodate the casket and visitors. The Playa Del Rey burial service will take place once the home ceremonies are over.

Memorial Services

There are times when it is not possible to hold a traditional Playa Del Rey funeral or home services. In this case, you may want to plan a memorial service that takes the place of the local funeral service near you. The main difference between a memorial service and a traditional funeral ceremony is that the body of the deceased will not be present for the memorial service.

Memorial services are shorter than traditional funerals because they do not have a visitation and viewing service. These services can take place at the local funeral home in Playa Del Rey or at the gravesite if the burial services have already been completed.

How Much is a Funeral

The amount of money that a funeral costs depends on several decisions that you make with the funeral planner. If you are looking for a low-cost funeral then you should try to keep your funeral expenses down. Cheap funerals can be planned if you choose minimal services and select a package available through the funeral company.

Funeral pricing is often laid out in different packages offered by the funeral company. The packages usually include the assistance of the funeral director and support staff as well as the use of the facility for the funeral ceremony or memorial service. From there, packages will increase in price as additional services are added.

In addition to the cost of the package, there are several other expenses that need to be added together to get the true funeral cost. Items and services that are not included in funeral service packages include:

  • The casket cost
  • Cost of the burial plot
  • Headstone cost
  • Printed materials
  • Other funeral merchandise
  • Clergy fee
  • Musician or instrumentalist fee
  • Keepsakes

In California, the average starting cost of a traditional funeral begins at $11,000 and goes up as services are added and merchandise is purchased. Over time you can expect these prices to increase which is why it is a good idea to preplan your funeral long before you ever need services.

Why Douglass Mortuary for a Funeral in Playa Del Rey is the Best

Douglass Mortuary is the best funeral company in Playa Del Rey. They have served the community for over eighty years. The staff is committed to delivering honorable and respectful services. In addition to funeral services, they offer cremation services and pre-planning services.