Funeral Service in Hawthorne

Hawthorne Funeral Service

It can be emotionally draining when you are making funeral arrangements after the death of an adored family member. If there was no funeral directive planned then you will need to arrange funeral services at a funeral home in Hawthorne. The funeral provider will walk you through the elements needed for a traditional funeral in Hawthorne that ends with a burial service.

When you plan a local funeral service near you it is not required that you have each of the five traditional elements; however, it is a good idea to know about each element so that you can decide whether or not you want them.

Traditional Hawthorne Funeral Elements

There are five traditional elements of a funeral service. The funeral service provider that you work with can help you to arrange the services that you want. Some of the services will take place at the funeral home in Hawthorne while others will take place at a different location.

Visitation and Viewing Services

Visitation and viewing services are the first part of a traditional Hawthorne funeral. The funeral company will embalm, dress, apply cosmetics, and arrange the body of the deceased in a casket. The family may choose to have an open or closed casket during the visitation services.

During the visitation services, the immediate family of the deceased will receive visitors. Visitors are friends and acquaintances of the deceased. They will stop by during the visitation service, meet with the family members, and pay their respects. The visitation service is usually set to take place one day prior to the funeral ceremony for a set number of hours.

Funeral Ceremony

The funeral ceremony is a service where the attendees will listen to a eulogy, or speech, about the life of the deceased. The speaker is usually a religious leader but could also be a close friend or family member. They may pray, read Bible verses, or pause for meaningful music to play. The funeral ceremony usually takes place at the funeral home in Hawthorne but could be arranged to take place at a local church, too.

Funeral Procession

After the Hawthorne funeral ceremony is complete, the funeral company will prepare the casket with the deceased for transportation to the local cemetery. The attendees that were at the funeral ceremony will follow the vehicle carrying the deceased in a funeral procession from the funeral home or church to the cemetery.

Burial Service

The Hawthorne funeral services will continue with a Hawthorne burial service at the local cemetery. There will be a graveside service, sometimes referred to as a committal ceremony. This ceremony is often religious. It is a ceremony to commit the body of the deceased to its final resting place. The same speaker who gave the eulogy during the funeral ceremony is usually the person to speak at the graveside service. This ceremony is shorter in length than the funeral ceremony.

Reception or Gathering Service

After the local funeral service near Hawthorne, the family may choose to hold a reception or small gathering service. There are usually some types of refreshments served, if not a full meal service. During this service, the attendees will share memories they have of the deceased.

Answers to Questions about Local Funeral Services

There may be many questions that come up when trying to plan an affordable funeral service. Make sure to work with the funeral company to get your questions answered so that you can have a low-cost funeral if needed. Below are the answers to the questions that funeral companies get asked the most.

How much is a funeral?

Funeral pricing depends on the services and other funeral expenses that you choose. The average funeral cost in California starts at around $11,000.

How much does a casket cost?

Caskets range in price. Cheap, particleboard caskets cost under $1,000. Metal and wood caskets can be purchased for between $2,000 and $4,000.

What services does the Hawthorne funeral home provide?

The Hawthorne funeral home will provide funeral services, burial services, cremation services, pre-planning services, and more.

What are the elements of a traditional funeral service?

There are five elements of a traditional funeral service. These elements are the viewing and visitation service, funeral ceremony, funeral procession, burial service, and reception or gathering service. Limited service or cheap funerals can be planned by omitting services or shortening the length of each element.

Are there benefits to pre-planning your funeral?

Yes, there are financial benefits to pre-planning your funeral. Your family will also benefit by having a funeral plan that lays out your exact wishes.

Why Work with Douglass Mortuary for a Funeral in Hawthorne

You should work with Douglass Mortuary for all of your funeral planning and service needs. They have served the community of Hawthorne for over eighty years. Their staff is highly trained and committed to delivering dignified services.