Cremation in Marina Del Rey

Marina Del Rey Cremation

A Marina Del Rey cremation service is something that you should look into if you are looking to pre-plan final arrangements for yourself. Pre-planning your cremation is not only financially beneficial, but it can be very beneficial to your family following your death. When you are making cremation arrangements you should also make your final wishes known for any remembrance services that you want to be arranged.

The best place to get help with planning cremation services is a local cremation service provider. The cremation company coordinator will help you to understand why pre-planning cremation is beneficial. They will also provide you with cremation pricing and they will walk you through the different options for remembrance and cremation services in Marina Del Rey.

Benefits of Pre-Planning Local Cremation Service

There are many benefits of pre-planning a Marina Del Rey cremation. When you plan cremation services prior to the time you actually need them you will be able to secure a lower price than what would be charged at the time of your death. Pre-planning ensures that you do not pay inflation costs that happen over time and it also ensures that your family is not responsible for any final costs.

In addition to being financially beneficial, pre-planning your private cremation will allow you to make sure that your final wishes are known. A complete cremation plan will be laid out for your family and the cremation company to follow at the time of your death. This is beneficial to your family because they will not have to make any difficult decisions or guess what you would have wanted for your final arrangements.

Affordable Cremation Service Packages

Many cremation companies offer low-cost cremation packages. Packages are designed with everything needed for a simple cremation. Direct cremation services can be planned if remembrance services are not needed or wanted. This is a basic package that allows for cheap cremation to take place at the crematory. Basic cremation service can be arranged for under $2,500 in most cases.

Other cremation packages will include traditional cremation services or standard cremation services. The biggest difference between these two packages is the type of remembrance ceremony that accompanies the cremation service. Cremation with remembrance services can be planned for about $3,000.

Additional cremation expenses that should be expected but are not included in the packages include the cost of the cremation urn, a final disposition niche or gravesite, state-required fees, and any services that have been added on top of the package offerings.

Remembrance Services

A variety of remembrance services can be arranged before or after the cremation takes place at the Marina Del Rey crematory. There are traditional services that are similar in nature to those services included when someone chooses a funeral with burial services. If traditional services are not wanted then a memorial service can be planned. The biggest difference between the traditional ceremony and the memorial service is that the body of the deceased or the cremated remains is not present at a memorial service.

Traditional Ceremony

A traditional ceremony includes all of the classic elements that are included for funeral services that end in burial. The biggest difference is that instead of ending in burial the services will end in cremation.

For traditional services to take place, the body of the deceased will be embalmed, dressed, and arranged in a casket. When ready, there will be a set time for visitation services to take place. Visitors will be able to view the body of the deceased and say goodbye prior to cremation. These services are scheduled to take place one day before the traditional ceremony.

After the visitation period, a ceremony with a eulogy will take place. A family member, a close friend of the deceased, or a religious leader will deliver the eulogy. The eulogy is a speech that honors the life of the deceased.

Memorial Services

A memorial service that is similar to the traditional service can be arranged instead of full remembrance services. A visitation service will not be arranged so the body of the deceased will not need to be embalmed and there is no need to rent a casket. This service includes a speaker who delivers a eulogy just like with traditional services.

The remembrance services that you choose are a personal choice. The cremation provider can help with recommendations if needed.

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You should hire Douglass Mortuary for a local cremation service near Marina Del Rey. They are the leading cremation provider in Marina Del Rey. Three generations have served the community by providing local cremation near you.

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