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Torrance Cremation

Have you thought about making cremation arrangements for your end-of-life plans? While it may be emotional to think about your final arrangements, it is very beneficial to make your wishes known ahead of needing the services. When you decide that you want to pre-plan your cremation you should work with a cremation service provider to help you outline your directive.

You can easily plan a local cremation service near Torrance with a cremation company. Torrance cremation services can be planned with a cremation provider following the loss of a beloved family member. Cremation companies can also help if you want more information for pre-planning your cremation.

There are a few things that you need to think about when planning cremation services. Make sure that you know what kind of remembrance services are available. This will help you plan affordable cremation services that are within your budget.

Remembrance Services with Torrance Cremation

A Torrance cremation can be planned with a variety of remembrance services. There are two main types of remembrance services. The first is the traditional funeral service ending in cremation. The second is simple cremation with memorial services. When no remembrance services are planned, a direct cremation service is also available.

Cremation with or without remembrance services is arranged to meet your needs and fulfill special requests. Each remembrance service is slightly different but the cremation process will remain the same.

Traditional Cremation Remembrance Services

Just like a traditional funeral, cremation with traditional remembrance services includes the same service elements but with one exception. The difference between the two is that one service ends in a burial service while the other service ends with cremation at the local crematorium.

For a traditional ceremony, the deceased will be embalmed. Following the embalming, the body will be dressed, have cosmetics applied, and be placed in a casket. Visitation and viewing services will take place before the traditional ceremony with a eulogy.

After the traditional ceremony, the body of the deceased will be taken to the local crematorium for complete cremation services. The remains of the deceased will be returned to the mortuary for final disposition in a cremation urn after the private cremation procedure.

Final disposition arrangements can be planned according to the wishes of the family. Examples of the different options include burial in a grave, placement in a mausoleum, scattering the remains, or keeping the ashes in a cremation urn.

Cremation and Memorial Services

Traditional services may be too difficult for a family. In this case, a simple memorial service can be planned before or after the cremation. With a memorial service, the body of the deceased does not need to be present and can take place during the local cremation service.

As with a traditional ceremony, a eulogy will be given at the memorial service. The speaker can highlight the accomplishments of the deceased, say a prayer, read from the Bible, and have music played.

Direct Cremation Services

It is not required for remembrance services to be arranged. In this case, direct cremation services can take place. Direct cremation is when the simple cremation takes place at the crematory and no other services are planned. Following the cremation services, the remains of the deceased will be transferred from the Torrance crematory to the mortuary for final disposition.

Cremation Pricing

Cheap cremation services are offered by local cremation companies, too. Direct cremation service offers the cheapest cremation opportunity. The price will increase when remembrance services are added.

The cremation provider will discuss the various packages and cremation pricing plans that they have during the cremation consultation. It is common for a cremation company to have three service packages, including:

  1. Traditional ceremony ending in cremation
  2. Cremation with a memorial service
  3. Direct cremation services

The packages will range in price starting from around $2,500. Prices increase as more extensive services are added to the cremation package.

Financial Benefits of Pre-Planning Your Cremation

Many people choose to pre-plan their cremation because of how beneficial it can be. Financial benefits include:

  • Getting the current prices for a funeral that takes place in the future
  • Eliminating additional costs at the time of death
  • Avoid price increases and inflation costs

Not only will you receive these financial benefits, but your family will also benefit, too. When your family receives your cremation directive they will have a plan for your final arrangements. This will allow them to mourn instead of having to make decisions about your arrangements following your death.

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