Funeral Service in Culver City

Culver City Funeral Service

Losing a loved family member is very emotional. If that person did not make their final arrangements in advance of their passing then you may have to plan their Culver City funeral. If the Culver City funeral was planned, then you will get a funeral directive containing all of their final wishes.

What follows is a guide that will help you understand what will take place during a traditional Culver City funeral. Traditional service plans with the five components of a funeral service are usually planned; however, specific components can be left out of the service if desired. Each of the components can be arranged to meet your specific requests.

Visitation and Viewing Services

The first part of a traditional funeral service is a visitation service with viewing. The immediate family members of the deceased will welcome visitors to pay their respects and view the deceased if there is an open casket. Visitation services usually take place for a set number of hours at least one day prior to the funeral ceremony. Additional days of visitation can be arranged if requested.

The Funeral Ceremony

After visitation services have ended, the next service that will take place is the funeral ceremony. A speaker will deliver a eulogy, or speech, to the attendees who have gathered at the funeral home in Culver City. The speech will pay homage to the life that was lost. There may also be prayer, Bible verse readings, and meaningful music. The speaker can be a clergy member, friend of the deceased, or family member.

Funeral Procession

Following the funeral ceremony, there will be a funeral procession from the funeral home to the local cemetery. This is when the funeral staff will transport the deceased to their grave. Attendees from the funeral ceremony will follow.

Graveside and Burial Services

Once at the cemetery there will be a graveside service. The graveside service is also known as a committal service if religious services were requested. The committal service commits the body of the deceased to its final resting place. There will be more prayer and Bible readings. This service is shorter in length than the funeral ceremony and is usually given by the same speaker. This is when family and friends have the opportunity to say one final goodbye.

Gathering Service with Reception

If wanted, there can be a gathering service with a reception after all of the funeral services have taken place. The family may choose to provide small refreshments or have a meal service for the attendees. This is a time for those who have gathered to support each other and reflect on the life of the deceased.

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For a funeral in Culver City, you want to work with Douglass Mortuary because they are the area’s leading funeral company. They have served the community for over three generations for more than eighty years. You can plan a Culver City funeral, burial service, complete cremation services, and pre-planning services with their professional and compassionate staff.

Local Funeral Service FAQs

How much is a funeral in Culver City?

Ultimately the funeral cost will depend on the specific services that were planned when making funeral arrangements. The funeral home will have affordable funeral services available. A package for funeral services starts at $4,000, but funeral pricing will increase as services are added. Funeral expenses can be prepaid to decrease the total funeral cost. A cheap funeral can be planned with limited services.

How much does a standard casket cost?

The material that the casket is made of is the biggest factor of how much the casket will cost. Basic particle board caskets cost under $1,000, but metal or wooden caskets cost between $2,000 and $4,000.

What services are provided by the funeral home in Culver City?

The Culver City funeral home will offer local funeral services. Additionally, they will be able to provide their clients with burial services, memorial services, cremation services, pre-planning services, and more.


What are the services included in a traditional funeral service?

The support staff at the funeral home in Culver City can help you arrange funeral services with ease. They will make recommendations for traditional funeral services. A traditional funeral service includes a visitation service, funeral ceremony, funeral procession, Culver City burial service, and gathering with or without a reception.

Why should you consider pre-planning your funeral in Culver City?

Pre-planning your funeral with an experienced funeral provider has many benefits. You can make arrangements for a low-cost funeral. When you prepay for the local funeral service near Culver City your family will receive a directive that has all of the decisions that you made for your final arrangements. Your family will not be responsible for planning services or paying for services which can be very relieving.