Cremation in Hollyglen

Hollyglen Cremation

Are you interested in making cremation arrangements? A cremation service in Hollyglen may be chosen over a traditional funeral that ends in a burial service for a variety of reasons. There are financial benefits to cremation service planning. There are also benefits to pre-plan local cremation services, too.

When you work with a cremation provider planning a local cremation service near Hollyglen can be less overwhelming than trying to arrange services alone. A local cremation service provider has experience with planning memorable and affordable cremation services for their clients.

Pre-Planning Your Cremation Benefits

Pre-planning your cremation arrangements is beneficial to you and your family. In addition to the emotional benefits that are also financial benefits that will make cremation in Hollyglen less expensive if pre-planned and prepaid before services are ever needed.

Work with a cremation service provider to pre-plan your cremation. They will be able to create a directive that outlines your specific wishes. The plan can be created to include remembrance services, cremation services, and a cremation urn. When these services are arranged ahead of needing them then your family will not have to make any decisions or payments for the final arrangements.

Pre-planning cremation services with the cremation company allows you to arrange the Hollyglen cremation service and get the best pricing at the same time. When you prepay for a local cremation near you then the price will be locked in at the current pricing rates.

Simple Cremation Process

The same basic simple cremation process is followed across most cremation companies. This service includes transporting the body of the deceased from the location where they passed away to the mortuary. At the mortuary, a family member might need to make positive identification if a relative was not present at the time of death. Next, the mortuary will transport the body of the deceased to the Hollyglen crematory.

A personal identification tag will be immediately placed with the body of the deceased at the local crematorium. The tag will remain with the body through the entire cremation process. Multiple cremations will not take place in the same cremation chamber at the same time. The crematory will schedule only private cremations to take place.

Following the cremation, the ashes of the deceased will be gathered and placed in a temporary cremation urn. The crematory will then transfer the cremated remains back to the mortuary for final disposition arrangements. Final disposition arrangements may be burial in a grave, placement in a mausoleum, or scattering the ashes. If desired, the remains can be kept in a cremation urn to remain with the next of kin.

Packages for Hollyglen Cremation

Each cremation package for Hollyglen cremation will include different remembrance services, but the simple cremation will remain the same. Package options can be discussed with the cremation service provider.

Traditional Cremation & Remembrance

Similar to a funeral service that ends in burial services, there are traditional cremation and remembrance services. The biggest difference between the two services is that the body of the deceased is sent to the crematory for cremation following the ceremony services.

For a traditional remembrance service, the deceased will be embalmed, dressed, and receive basic cosmetic service. The body of the deceased will then be arranged in a casket that can be rented for the duration of the visitation service.

During the visitation service, friends and family of the deceased can gather together, grieve, and support each other. There will be a ceremony with a eulogy following the visitation services. The eulogy is a speech given by a speaker that honors the life of the deceased.

Cremation & Memorial Service

Memorial services and traditional remembrance ceremonies are slightly different. The body of the deceased or the cremated remains is not needed to be present during the memorial service as they are with traditional services. Families can plan for memorial services at a later date if needed because the remains do not need to be present.

Direct Cremation Services

When a simple cremation without remembrance services is requested the cremation company can arrange a direct cremation. Direct cremation includes only simple cremation. This is the best option for a cheap cremation.

Cremation Pricing

Cremation services cost less than traditional funeral services. There are plenty of low-cost cremation packages available to choose from. Packages start with plain direct cremation services and increase in price when remembrance services are added. All necessary steps for complete cremation will be included by the cremation company.

Douglass Mortuary for Hollyglen Cremation is the Best

The best cremation company for Hollyglen cremation is Douglass Mortuary. For over eighty years they have provided Hollyglen cremation and funeral services to the community.

Douglass Mortuary has highly trained and compassionate staff members. Professional consultations for cremation services are available to help you throughout the cremation planning process. If you need help with making cremation arrangements contact them directly.