Funeral Service in Venice

Venice Funeral Service

Making funeral arrangements for a local funeral service near Venice doesn’t have to be difficult. When you work with a funeral service provider you can get help planning affordable funeral services or cremation services. The funeral provider can also help if you are interested in preplanning your funeral.

It is beneficial to work with a local funeral provider because you are more likely to be able to plan a low-cost funeral with traditional services and burial services. If you do not want traditional funeral services then many funeral companies offer non-traditional options for Venice funerals, too.

How Much is a Funeral

There are many components that are figured into the funeral cost estimate. The funeral company that you work with should be transparent with their funeral pricing. Make sure that you ask the funeral home in Venice for a funeral price list so that you will know how much you will spend during the funeral planning process.

The average cost of cheap funerals in California starts at $11,000. The basic funeral expenses include:

  • Assistance from the Venice funeral home staff
  • Transportation services within the service area
  • Burial plot, headstone, and casket cost
  • Use of the funeral home in Venice
  • Funeral ceremony and Venice burial services

The addition of some items and services will increase the local funeral service cost. Things that are not included in the basic funeral expenses include:

  • Printed materials: guestbook, prayer cards, memory cards, thank you cards
  • Transportation fees outside of the service area
  • Musician or instrumentalist fees
  • Funeral keepsakes
  • Dove release
  • Flower costs
  • Reception and food costs

When you arrange funeral services at the funeral home in Venice you will work with a funeral coordinator who can help you with special requests. If there are items or services that you want but are not provided by the funeral home then they will usually have a preferred vendor list for you.

Pre-Planning a Funeral in Venice

There are many benefits to pre-planning your funeral. When you work with a funeral service provider to preplan your Venice funeral you will be able to prepay for the services, make your final wishes known, and take the burden of funeral planning off of your family.

Why Prepay for Funeral Services

You can prepay for your funeral services when you make your funeral directive. This is beneficial because you will pay the current funeral prices for a funeral that takes place in the future. By prepaying for your Venice funeral you will not only save on the total costs, but you will ensure that your family is not charged for any of the arrangements at the time of your passing.

Make Your Final Wishes Known

Making a funeral directive is beneficial because you will make your funeral wishes known to your family and the funeral service provider. Only the services that you want to take place will be arranged. You will ensure that the specific arrangements are covered and no one will have to wonder what your final wishes are. This means that if you are certain that you want burial services that you will not be cremated. It is very helpful to those you leave behind to have a funeral directive to follow.

Relieve Emotional Burdens

Making your funeral arrangements long before your death will not only relieve your stress, but it will relieve emotional burdens for your family, too. At the time of your death, your family members will mourn your loss and will not have to make any decisions about how to make your final arrangements. They will benefit from having all of your funeral services pre-planned and prepaid for.

Why Douglass Mortuary for a Funeral in Venice is Preferred

Douglass Mortuary is the preferred funeral service provider in Venice because they have served the community for over eighty years. Three generations of the family have committed themselves to provide memorable and honorable services. Their staff is highly trained and welcomes your questions.

In addition to providing funeral services, Douglass Mortuary offers cremation services and pre-planning services. Their funeral home is inviting and comforting. Meet with one of their professional coordinators during a funeral planning consultation to plan special and unique services that meet your needs.

FAQs About Local Funeral Services Near You

How much is a casket?

Casket prices vary based on the different materials that are used to build them. Lower-end caskets that are made from particleboard cost under $1,000. Most caskets that are offered by funeral homes are in the $2,000 to $4,000 range. There are extravagant caskets that cost over $50,000. What you spend on a casket will depend on what you want and what it is made from.

What are the elements of a traditional funeral service?

The five elements of a traditional funeral service include the visitation service, funeral ceremony, funeral procession, burial service, and gathering.

Is a funeral more expensive than a cremation?

Yes, funeral services are more expensive than cremation services. This is because cremation services don’t include the casket cost, burial plot, or headstone.